Dried and fresh products

This machine offers an attractive presentation once the product has been pressed, as the product is left totally compact and no waste product is left, leaving it ready for slice or to cut into chunks.
With this product pressing system once the bones are removed the open parts are left totally closed and sealed, which means the product can be used in its entirety with, zero loss.
This way, when it is cut with the cold meat cutting machine, the slices are all uniform, with a great appearance quality, from the very first slice to the last one.
The machine can be supplied with different types of moulds, according to the needs of each client.
The machine’s mould-changing system is easy, simple and quick to use.

3000x700x2300 mm.
1650 kg
  • Regularised working pressure to suit product requirements when pressing.
  • Electro-hydraulic pneumatic machine programmed by the means of an automaton.
  • Selection of ham pressing time.
  • Counter of pressed pieces.
  • Automatic operation.
  • Machine totally built in AISI 304 Stainless Steel.
  • Pressure regulator.
  • Approved by the EC regulations.


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