Ruban transporteur

The machine has been designed to classify all types of products up to 20 kg in weight: Hams, shoulders, loins, bellies, etc…
The employee will find using the machine very easy. The operative loads the product on the initial conveyor belt. After few seconds the next piece can be loaded and then other pieces as required. The product passes to the second belt where it is weighed and then onto the third belt where it is directed to the correct area.
The machine operating system allows us to control to regulate the weight in each zone and to advise of the total amounts for each station. It permits us to know of the avarage total weight.

8103x740x1700 mm.
250 kg
  • Electro-pneumatic functioning.
  • Production: depends on which product.
  • Working pressure: 6 bar.
  • Designed and built according to each customer’s requirements.
  • Approved by EC regulations.


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