Working with the machine EPA 270 is very easy and handy thanks to the system of introducing the natural casing in the funnel.
You just need to connect 15 cm of natural casing in the funnel and let it loose on the table. When pushing the chine into the casing, the worker hardly has to hold the casing, since the funnel remains totally closed until the chine is in the casing, opening automatically, and therefore the chine does not split and there is no waste of meat.
Depending on the size and the type of the chine and casing it is indispensable to change the bore of the funnel, which is done simply and quickly.
The running of the machine permits a high cadence of work thanks to the graduation of the speed of the chine when getting out by means of the pressure needed to carry out of the stuffing.
Stuffing diameter according to the customer’s needs from 60 to 170 mm.

2100x700s1650 mm.
245 kg
  • Maximum stuffing lenght 750 mm.
  • Pressing power 800 kgs.
  • Operating pressure 6 bar.
  • Stainless steel.
  • Double safety device to run the machine.
  • Easy and quick system change mold and pipe.


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